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  • Lauren M., The Dojo Karate Training Center Testimonials

    We had our sons 4th birthday party at Dojo today and it was beyond awesome. Jared is so kind and is amazing with the kids. My friends and family made several comments after we left about how great the party was and how kind everyone was. I'm not sure who had more fun the kids or the parents. Every minute was entertaining and they provided everything. I didn't have to worry about anything and was able to enjoy the party with my son, family, and friends. Highly recommend doing a birthday party here.

    Lauren M.
  • Joseph J., The Dojo Karate Training Center Testimonials

    We just bought our son, 4.5 yo, for a trial class and he loved it. Jared was great with him and he broke his first board!!!! He wants to go every day now!!!! Everyone that was there was so polite and helpful, a truly welcoming and family run environment. The place is updated, beautiful inside, clean and very spacious. They need more kids at the 3:30 time slot, so stop by and check them out! Support local Newtown business

    Joseph J.
  • Lis P., The Dojo Karate Training Center Testimonials

    Stop by the latest & greatest dojo in The Dojo Karate Training Center!!!! Just opened & is being managed by the one and only Master Jared Dunn!!!! Master Jared is Master Roxanne Sainz from Connecticut Martial Arts son. I got to know him at CMA & he is terrific, just like his mom, Master Steve Doyon and Lyndsay Doyon from KickFit CT. The place is totally redone, has an awesome trampoline pit and great classes. Stop by ... it is right in Newtown!!! 10 star rating!!!

    Lis P.
  • Yolanda V., The Dojo Karate Training Center Testimonials

    My 10 yr old just had her birthday party at the Dojo. She absolutely loved it! Master Jared was amazing with the group.

    Yolanda V.
  • Joseph E., The Dojo Karate Training Center Testimonials

    through Martial Arts Karate with Master Jared a very disciplined young man.

    My grandson Cayden could not be happier and since he has started, he has grown so much in so many ways.
    You will be amazed to say the least.

    Thank You Master Jared

    Joseph E.
  • Roxanne S., The Dojo Karate Training Center Testimonials

    The perfect school for empowering yourself or your children! Master Jared has been doing martial arts his whole life! He is passionate about sharing his knowledge with all students! He is a national competitor and loves helping others reach their full potential! I could not be any prouder of you Master Jared! The Dojo will be an amazing asset to Newtown

    Roxanne S.
  • Darryl S., The Dojo Karate Training Center Testimonials

    I absolutely love this place! The Dojo is a magnificent addition to the CMA family. My wife and I brought our son Jalen there for his 1st class and he couldn't stop talking about it!!! He was beaming about the other kids and how Master Jared made them run, punch and break a board. I was also treated to watching a one on one training as well as the children's class. I'm looking forward to visiting again this coming week with my family and participating in a class also. Great job Master Jared.

    Darryl S.
  • Bill M., The Dojo Karate Training Center Testimonials

    Master Jared is an extremely talented instructor that comes from a family of talented martial artists. The facility is brand new and state of the art. My child can't wait to go there!

    Bill M.
  • Michele R., The Dojo Karate Training Center Testimonials

    The Dojo Karate Training Center is amazing. Master Jared is fantastic. He brought out my daughter's excitement for martial arts again. He really connects with his students. We are thrilled to be part of The Dojo (& the CMA) family!

    Michele R.
  • Alishia M., The Dojo Karate Training Center Testimonials

    We love Master Jared! He is so great with the kids and our son has learned so much in a short period of time.

    Alishia M.
  • Adelino N., The Dojo Karate Training Center Testimonials

    Awesome karate training center. Master Jared is a great instructor, an example for his students.

    Adelino N.

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