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Kids Karate in Newtown - The Dojo Karate Training Center
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Kids Karate

Newtown Kids Karate

Our students love the fast-paced and high-energy moves and Karate techniques, while you love the improved self-discipline and respect. We want to see your child not only succeed on the mat, but also at home and in school!

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Teen Karate

Newtown Teen Karate

At The Dojo Karate Training Center, we are dedicated to steering your teen toward self-respect and discipline that will spread into all areas of their lives, and help them transition into adulthood! Our Teen classes are a great way to surround your teen with a positive influence so that they can reach their full potential!

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Newtown Kickboxing

Train your entire body at once with our incredible adult-only KickFit Kickboxing program in Newtown. We're helping men and women get fitter, stronger, and more confident with a combination of Kickboxing and Muay Thai instruction.

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The 90/10 Rule
Daily Nutrition: To feed the growing body, teens needs to eat from all the food groups: Fruits, Vegetables, Grains, Protein and Dairy. Encourage your teen to consume 3-4 meals each day ...
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